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We specialize in Cajun, Caribbean, & Coastal Creations!


Includes Appetizers, Salads, Seafood, Poultry, Beef, Pork, Pasta, Sides and of course...Desserts!

Have you tried our Bourbon Bread Pudding!?
From french toast, eggs and bacon, to bagels and fruit, we can do it all!

Don't forget the coffee!
Use this menu to select your dishes, your sizes, and see your prices, instantly! Once you are ready, just send your order to:

Let your guests create their own tacos, fajitas, or salads! Tacos aren't JUST for Tuesdays, ya know!

Ever had a Cheese Grits Bar??
Ready to throw a Crawfish or Shrimp Boil? We bring everything to you! Check out our, Cajun Hot Tub!

Call for Pricing - (727) 644-7085
Want to have a cookout without actually having to COOK? We have our very own, Cajun Bullet, as well as our extra large grill, the Bayou Beast!

Call for Pricing - (727) 644-7085
Holiday Menus
Let Bayou Catering cook YOUR Thanksgiving meal...and deliver it!

Cajun Fried Turkey? Yes, please! We also do traditional turkey, with all the fixin's! Check out or menus, below...